Silicon Bandits #1

Silicon Bandits #1

Jason Starr (Writer) • Dalibor Talajić (Artwork) • Stjepan Bartolić (Colorist) • Shawn Lee (Letterer)

In a near future where automation has caused mass unemployment, programmers Ryan and Ashley’s careers seemed safe. But when Ryan is suddenly fired, the couple hatches a desperate plan: assemble the perfect bank heist crew out of androids they programmed. The ensuing crime spree goes perfectly… until betrayal and sentience emerge in equally devastating turns!
Cover A - $3.99 - 32 pages (24 story)
Diamond Item Code - FEB241558 / Lunar Item Code - 0224MM805
Cover B - $4.99 - 36 pages (24 story)
Diamond Item Code - FEB241559 / Lunar Item Code - 0224MM806
On Sale - April 10
Final Order Cutoff (FOC) - Mar 17 (Lunar) / Mar 18 (Diamond)

 Variant Cover

Silicon Bandits #1 - Cover B by Goran Parlov

Gorlan Parlov

 Incentive Cover

Silicon bandits #1 - Incentive Cover by Mike Deodato

Mike Deodato



Free Preview of Silicon Bandits #1

Silicon Bandits #1 - Free Preview

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