Magma Comix Announces its Independent Return at San Diego Comic Con 2023

Magma Comix Announces its Independent Return at San Diego Comic Con 2023

Magma Comix


Originally an imprint of Heavy Metal, Magma Comix is becoming an independent publisher apart from Heavy Metal magazine. There had been rumblings and rumours, but it was officially announced at the 2023 San Diego Comic Con. The event was met with such excitement and and fanfare they had to evacuate its panel before it even began. Jokes aside, fire alarms were set off and the panel and fans were temporarily forced to evacuate before it even began. Eventually, everyone was allowed to return and the panel commenced with opening remarks by company founder, Denton tipton.

"We are fortunate to have secured funding that will ensure Magma will maintain its creative freedom and independence, while providing capital and support necessary to establish long-term stability in an unpredictable industry.

Magma will lower the barriers to entry by making our line easy to navigate and by reducing risk for our retail partners. But above all, our team's unique combination of creator relationships, industry knowledge, and passion for storytelling will unleash a creative eruption that we hope sets a new standard for comics," Tipton said.

Denton was Joined by fellow other principals in the new company: Editor-in-chief Bobby Curnow, Operations Manager Mike Ford, and Sales & Marketing Manager Joel Elad. Each gave their “secret origin stories” for how they came to love the medium of comics, and ended up working in the industry. 

Magma Comix founder and CEO Denton J. Tipton, Editor-in-Chief Bobby Curnow, Sales and Marketing Manager Joel Elad (IDW, Top Cow), and Operations Manager Mike Ford (IDW)
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