Silicon Bandits #2

Silicon Bandits #2

Kenji and Aurora, now unemployed, decide to take their group of robotic robbers on a trial crime spree. While everything seems to go according to plan, already abnormalities appear in the robots’ programming. Add in an old “friend” with plans of his own and more than one unforeseen disaster, and Kenji and Aurora learn that even the best laid plans can create a calamity!

Crime novelist and comic author Jason Starr (Wolverine Max, Ant-Man: Natural Enemy) reunites with Casual Fling collaborator Dalibor Talajić (Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) in a tale with enough twists and turns to fry your circuits! Each issue features a variant cover by Goran Parlov (The Punisher)!

Cover A - $3.99 -    32 pages (24 story)
Diamond Item Code - MAR241786 / Lunar Item Code - 0324MM386
Cover B - $4.99 - 36 pages (24 story)   • Cardstock cover
Diamond Item Code - MAR241787 / Lunar Item Code -  0324MM387
On Sale - May 8
Final Order Cutoff (FOC) - April 14 (Lunar) / April 15 (Diamond)

Cover A

Silicon Bandits #2—Cover A: Dalibor Talajić

Dalibor Talajić

Cover B

Silicon Bandits #2—Cover A: Dalibor Talajić
Goran Parlov

Incentive Cover

Roland Boschi

Roland Boschi




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