Principles of Necromancy #2

Principles of Necromancy #2

Doctor Jakob Eyes is nearing the completion of his great work... but one last piece remains.

Fortunately, beyond the walls of the City King’s domain, young Eloise McCallister has been writing to the Grand Hospital for over a year. Her mother has a terrible sickness in her mind - a sickness Doctor Eyes believes he can harness to finally conquer death. Eloise has only one condition: he has to teach her how he achieves his magic.

Today, Eloise McCallister learns to be a necromancer… and the dark secret at the heart of Doctor Eyes’ origin is revealed.

The phenomenal writing duo of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (Outsiders, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek) return to creator-owned comics with this macabre series brought to life by the evocatively horrific art of Eamon Winkle. Each issue features a variant cover by Jana Heidersdorf (Dark Souls)!

Cover A - $3.99 -   32 pages (24 story)
Diamond Item Code - MAR241783 / Lunar Item Code - 0324MM380
Cover B - $4.99 - 36 pages (24 story)  • Cardstock cover
Diamond Item Code - MAR241784 / Lunar Item Code - 0324MM381

On Sale - May 8
Final Order Cutoff (FOC) - April 7 (Lunar) / April 8 (Diamond)

Cover A

Principles of Necromancy #2—Cover A: Eamon Winkle

Eamon Winkle

Cover B

Principles of Necromancy #2—Cover B: Jana Heidersdorf

Jana Heidersdorf

Incentive Cover

Principles of Necromancy #2— Incentive cover by John McCrea

John McCrea



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