The Scale Trade #2

The Scale Trade #2

With an injured dragon now under his care, Carmen Tritos is more determined than ever to end the scale trade. But Tritos is realizing there's no one he can trust, not even his own partner. With the police hounding him for the truth about his explosive raid that left multiple butchers dead, Carmen is forced to defend himself just as his next case sends him undercover to cut out the roots of the scale trade. But is this really an undercover op at all? Or is Tritos walking into a trap that pins him as an unhinged, murderous activist?

Eisner Award nominated writer Steve Orlando (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man 2099) teams with Megan Huang (Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) for a fantasy-meets-reality story that’s sure to make your heart race and warm it as well. Each issue features a variant cover by Max Dunbar (Dungeons & Dragons)!

Cover A - $3.99 -    32 pages (24 story)
Diamond Item Code - APR24XXXX / Lunar Item Code - 0424MM458
Cover B - $4.99 - 36 pages (24 story)   • Cardstock cover
Diamond Item Code - APR24XXXX / Lunar Item Code -  0424MM459
On Sale - June 12

Final Order Cutoff (FOC) - May 12 (Lunar) / May 13 (Diamond) 

Cover A

Megan Huang

Cover B

The Scale Trade #2—Cover B: Max Dunbar

Max Dunbar

Incentive Cover

The Scale Trade #2 - Incentive cover by Ariel Olivetti

Ariel Olivetti


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